The Brother From Another Planet (shonuff) wrote in the_cereal_bowl,
The Brother From Another Planet

What brings us here today, people

...Is the horrible, awful problem of Cereal Residue (or cereal Leavin's, or Bag Dust if you prefer). What happens is when you're ready to snag the last bowl of your favorite cearal, and what happens? You're treated to a big heap of Cereal Dust. If you're like me, this is an annoying and rough haul, most of the time. Most Non-Chocolate Bag Dust creates an unintentional graininess that hampers the pleasures of cereal. That's for me, at least. Does anybody agree? Disagree? Who loves the Bag Dust? Let your voices be heard!
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I completely agree!

The only bag dust I enjoy is that of Fruity Pebbles.
bag dust sucks, I pick out the cereal pieces and thow out the dust with the bag.


March 20 2006, 04:11:12 UTC 10 years ago

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the cereal lover circuit is far bigger than i had previously imagined.