ˈkō-dē (thetragicreturn) wrote in the_cereal_bowl,

Soggy cereal

Is anybody else a fan of soggy cereal?

I try to make myself wait to let my cereal, of any kind, soak up milk, but sometimes I just can't wait.
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I wish I was a fan of soggy cold cereals! It seems that if you don't eat them super fast you are inevitably left with the soggy remains at the end of the bowl.
I like semi-soggy cereal (like, letting it sit for 3-5 minutes)...my mom thinks I'm crazy! ):
it depends on the cereal. for example, Soggy flakes (like rasin bram) are yummy. but if you lets cherrios sit in milk too long...its not pretty
I like some of my cereal slightly soggy. SLIGHTLY. I always let honeycomb and captain crunch sit there for at least 30 seconds to chill out. Some of them I have to eat right away - frosted flakes are at peak goodness, in my opinion, when the milk is super cold and you just poured them =)