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we heart all things breakfasty in a bowl

we heart all things breakfasty in a bowl!
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it came to my attention one day that, shock! gasp! horror! there was not a single community (such that i could find, anyway) on livejournal that was just about cereal. sure, there were the 'what i ate' and 'we heart food' communities, even cereal_robots, about cereal and, apparently, robots.

but nothing about cereal in and of itself? well that, my friends, has changed. my roommate freshman year was an avid cereal eater, shoving down at least two bowls of sugary flaky goodness before doing anything else in the day. my dad, an intellectual and executive in his office, chows down on a box of cinnamon toast crunch every week. what does this mean? obviously, that the most superawesome people on the planet love cereal. if it's colored or not, if it's flaky or honeycomb-shaped, if it's square or round, flat or squishy- if it's cereal, it belongs here!

so come on and join if your idea of a complete breakfast doesn't involve poptarts, toast, eggs, or bagels- it's all about the trix, cocoa puffs, special k with red berries, and frosted flakes. bring forth the fans of breakfast cereal! and their mascots, if you wish. and the prizes in the box. does anybody else still have their old-school ninja turtle cereal bowl? i do.